Meet the one who will warm your heart, not (only) your crotch!

Gays & Lesbians

YouGayMe is a same-sex meeting website. Between men or between women. Period.
Bisexuals, you are welcome if you are looking for a person of the same sex.

Serious meetings

YouGayMe has the aim to be a serious dating website. No one-night stands here, kinky pictures and members will be rejected... but if you were looking for something else, Google will help you for sure, don't worry!

Totally free

Registration and use of the site are completely free. And no, there is no "but", no hassles. It's always better when it's free, isn't it?

« Dating websites? Each one of us have used a few. We were finally able to meet on YouGayMe. It's not so surprising, none of them were as serious and enjoyable as this one... thank you about that! »
Clément & Antoine